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A reservation is necessary if you want to see the picture of the JYUN-NIN-JI temple.
The telephone number of this temple is 0224-75-2623.


Urgent notice 1 : during the fine arts society exhibition holding.
Details: InforMation

Urgent notice 2 : I took covering of The KAHOKU newspaper company about FUSUMA picture of the temple JYUN-NIN-JI.




I completed the picture of the fusuma of the JYUNNINJI temple.
Workshop updatedYou can know details here. 
Workshop updated. 
Workshop updated.   


I went to see the tree of the big zelkova in Shiraishi City on November 3.That was a tree just like a mountain.

I saw a picture exhibition with a cultural festival of Marumori-cho on November 3.The people who learned in my picture classroom for that exhibition sent a work.

Workshop updated. 

A little picture in this month updated. 


I draw the fusuma picture of the temple JYUNNIN-JI now, and advance it. Workshop updated. 


I helped a ICHIGOICHIE blues band concert yesterday.I became very many acquaintances, and then learned many things.That was a very wonderful concert.

Link updated: I added the site of Kinpaku-ya in the link.

Workshop updated. About the folding screen picture of the temple JYUNNINNJI.



The 59th NIKI art festival is being held in Tokyo Metropolis museum.

I participate in the concert of the ICHIGOICHIE blues band by the picture.
As for the details:

Workshop updated. About the folding screen picture of the temple JYUNNINNJI.



Workshop updated. 
1, The course of the method which draws a picture ended.
2, About the folding screen picture


The 42th Miyagi Prefecture art festival will be held in SENDAI medhiatheque.

The 59th NIKI art festival will be held in Tokyo Metropolis museum.

Details: InforMation



This season is said as autumn of the art in Japan.

Link updated: I added the site of Kansai NIKI in the link.
KOZUE JINNOUCHI's site was restored.She is active in NY now.

Workshop updated.  About the state of the picture seminar.



I listened to "THE 15th JHOZENJI STREET JAZZ FESTIVAL in Sendai.l"
Players from not only the Japanese country but also the foreign countries gathered, too.
The genre of music was pleasant with not only the jazz but also the variety, too.
It is probably that SATADAY NIGHT JAM is held in the meeting place now.

Workshop updated.  About the state of the picture seminar 


"THE 15th JHOZENJI Street Jazz Festival" is held in Sendai in both days on the 10th the 11th.
"ICHIGO ICHIE B B " and "ROOM307" and "Sol de Mislones" play on the day, too.

A little picture in this month

Japan is the season of the typhoon.
A big typhoon gave it damage the other day, too.
A typhoon passed today, too, and it was a moderate holiday.
I have been in 「the Carlos Nunez with Ryutaro Kaneko and Yasukatsu Oshima Special concert . It was a very good concert.
Ryutaro is the member of "Kodo" with a specialist of the Japanese drum.Then, Yasukatu is famous for the Japanese race instrument " Sanshin" player.
CD: Carlos Nunez / Chinema Do Mar SICP-856, Pancho Alvarez / Coleccion do fol 27, KODO / TATAKU SRCL-4971.

A saloon, concert was held in "YAMADO" yesterday. Many sculptors are making a work here now.
: Details.

Workshop updated .

You can show the pattern of the picture classroom and the pattern of the mural production of the Jyun-nin-ji temple.

I send this work to the 34th Miyagi NIKI-exhibition.

I added the site "Ichigo-ichie B.B." of the blues band to the link corner.
Link updated.


Workshop updated.


 We will hold the exhibition of the picture with Sendai medhiatheque from the end of this month.
I am drawing the work to send my work to that exhibition now.


  July has already come.
It has a feeling of the midsummer completely.The Feast of Weaver festival is held in Japan in this month.
It was based on the festival of the star, and I drew the picture of a flower to bloom at night.GALLERY updated.

I added the site of Ookurayama molding laboratory to the link.Link updated.
Isamu Noguchi, used the stone of this place for his works before.

Workshop updated.
The restoration of a thing to draw for us.



Workshop updated:UP had the state of the picture classroom, and sliding-screen of "Temple JYUNNIN-JI".

Workshop updated

The exhibition of this picture is holding it in Abukuma-sou.GALLERY updated.  
Workshop updated.
GALLERY updated.  
I am drawing a picture in sliding-screen of the temple.

Link updated.

I added a "iichiko WORLD" site and a "Sendai yellow page" site.

It was fine today.
When cherry blossoms bloom, a Japanese has a party under that tree.We say that party as "OHANAMI."
I held "OHANAMI" with the people in the neighborhood today.The song of the Japanese nightingale could be heard, too, and I felt fine.

This photograph is the poster of the Japanese liquor "iichiko". It is put in the station of the subway. I like the poster of these articles very much.(Use of an image has been permitted.)
You can see this poster at the site of "iichiko WORLD".

I begin to draw a picture in the sliding-screen of "Temple JYUNNINJI".
I introduce that pattern to the public at this site from May.

You can get information on Miyagi Prefecture and Sendai City at the "Sendai yellow page" site.

Workshop updated

I am drawing it by using the pencil.As for the details, with WORKSHO


My work is sold in ABUKUMA-SOU for one year from this month.
I replace that work every month.
I think that the picture of the flower of the four seasons will be drawn.