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I completed three sheets of my works.
I sent it a charity art Exhibition in Bansui Gallery.
Workshop of this year is completion in this.

Back ground music:Beethoven Symphony No.9 "Choral" / Saito kinen Orchestra / Seiji Ozawa. uccp-9421.
Beethoven Sympohony No.9 "Choral" / Wiener Philharmoniker/ Simon Rattle. toce-55505.

Japanese listens to this tune of this time well.
Have a wonderful holiday season.
I finish a picture with a little writing brush.
I make a gold leaf powder, and sow it.

I hurry, and I must draw this picture. It is because I send this work for the charity art ・ bazaar held on 17.

It is completed in such feeling.
Let's try it until it becomes a favorite feeling.

Back ground music:JOHN LENNON-anthlogy-/TOCP-65002‾5.

I painted the color of brown again. (Retort from 1 to 3.)
Paint the color of green. (Retort from 1 to 3.)
3. I wiped it until the color of the bottom appeared.
2. Wipe out the colors with the cloth.
1. I painted the color of red.
After it dried, I painted brown.
Back ground music: Vienna boy's cholr goes POP/7243 5 57367 2 7
The tune of Beatles, Enya,,,which Vienna boy chorus sings.
Make it flat with a writing brush.
Hang it down on the panel.
Mixing Modeling Paste with Gel Medium and gesso.
I make the work of the little size this time.
Use three panels. Size is 18cm×14cm.

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