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04/09/20 The picture classroom which I am telling is the final round.
That who drew a wonderful picture though 24 people were learning in that classroom, too.
Those completed works are displayed to the cultural festival of the town auspices that it is held in November.

I am taught them how to use gold foil.
The frame which matched them picture was looked for.

My picture class is the seventh time.
Everyone's work was approaching for the completion.
I am looking forward to that completion.



My picture class was the sixth time.


This is the state of the picture classroom which I am telling.

A left photograph is the work collection of Japanese painter Mr. Kyousuke Tchinai.
It is a thing twenty years ago from now as well that I learned a picture from him.
He will hold a exhibition in gallery TAMENAGA of Paris in this autumn.
The completion of the ground work processing of everyone's picture is near.

I think that everyone learned how to use colors.



I am telling 25 people how to use acrylic colors now.


This is the state of the art class that I am an instructor.


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