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These picture works were announced at the cultural festival of the town.

My picture classroom where it began in June reached the final round.Everyone drew a wonderful picture here.
I don't spare applause for everyone's efforts.Then, I hope that everyone keeps drawing a picture from this as well.Thank you.

06/10/07My student drew this works.

This is the state of the circle which I am telling a picture.
Acrylic colors are used for the first time, but there is a part, too.
However, everyone does everyone best very much, and he is making it.
I am looking forward to everyone's work's being completed.

This work is the picture of the taking lecture student.
It is the work on the way to make it at present.

The state of taking lecture.

The state that a taking lecture student is creating a work.


It is the fourth time of the picture classroom.
This work is drawn in the method of " MEN PUTA "
This work is drawn in the method of "togidashi".
This work is being drawn by using the technique of "NEN-PUTA", too.

This work is being drawn by using the technique of "MEN-PUTA"
"NEN-PUTA" is how to draw the traditional picture of Japan which used a gold leaf.

This is the scenery of the classroom where I am telling a picture.


As for me, it was decided that acrylic colors told many people how to use in the picture classroom this time, too.

It thinks that it is a little uneasy because there are many people who use acrylic colors for the first time, too.

Gauze was put in one sheet of hard board.
Then, one more sheet of black Gesso was painted.






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