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It is completion.
A title is -Wish You Were Here-.
Models are John and Yoko.
It is the recollection of "strawberry fields" which I saw it in New York.

You can see the big size this picture on the corner of Gallerys Hot Spot.

I dripped Raw Umber+Raw Siena on the All.
It will be completed soon.

What color are you going to use for the background?
I put iron rust.
Draw the details of the jacket.
Draw a feeling that a poster tore.

Combine each panel.
Carve Peace Mark at the top of the panel.
I draw the part of the man from now.

I drew the part of the poster with the eraser.

I put waterroof abrasive paper(#320) on the part which pushed gold foil.

I printed jhon&yoko by the silk screen in the floss silk.
I put rust on the CD and hold it by the acrylic fiber board.

I sketch john&yoko. I think that it will be drawn by removing it. and I do a rough sketch by using the rubber.
This is the part of both sides of the panel.
Print the words of IMAGINE by the silk screen.
Put gold leafe on that. It begins to sharpen a character after that.
Print a silk screen by Gel Medium.
I wiped out a pencil with the eraser. The part where it was printed by the silk screen is shown.
This is a panel to draw on the gold Leaf.
Paint it with giving a stroke to the panel with a pencil (2B&F).

I painted bronze to the part of the outside frame.
Then, it was wiped out with the cloth.
Paint ivory black to the panel of the inside, and sketch john&yoko.
Paint red oxide to the part of both sides of the bottom.

I put the panel of 116cm× 116cm in the panel of 130cm ×194cm .
The one for the center of the bottom put the panel of 45cm ×25cm.
I put a panel like a window in both sides.
I painted Gold of Color Gesso.
It is the completion of the gold color panel in this.

I began to produce a new work. The size of this work is No.120.
I made a hole in the panel.
I painted Modeling Paste around the panel.
Modelig Paste used Sandy (sand).

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