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02 October 2000
Tune up the whole, and it is completion. You know a difference when it is compared with 8/13.
Thank you for having the mail of encouragement, and questions.
I send this picture in the 54th NIKI Exhibition.
24 September 2000
I completed the work of the small panel.
24 September 2000
I draw a character in the poster.
Draw it with the eraser. (Use STEDTLER RASOR)
17 September 2000
I began to draw it again with hatching.
( Used: makie- paintbrush, unbleachd titanium. )
10 September 2000
It is the gold leaf of the last kuen acid treatment.
I wiped out kuen acid after two days.
It learned to see ground work.
03 September 2000
Put "kuen" acid on a part to tear off gold leae. Splash water to "kuen" acid with the spray, and leave it as it is for several days. You can tear off gold leaf. Like the rest of exactly the worm-eaten holes.
And, it can discolor gold leaf, too. As for this thing, Miss. Fujiko Isomura is more familiar.
(From My Web Link to Fujiko Isomura's Saite.)
03 September 2000
I do the work of tearing off gold leaf. Spend the grain-shaped thing of "kuen" acid this time.
Attention : Even if work fails, it can't be done again. And, it may not be able to get the effect which it thinks of. Do with your responsibility when trying this method.
13 August 2000
I hurried, and finished this picture.
I will send this picture in Miyagi Niki from August 17.
06. August. 2000
I shaved gold leaf, And I drew a flower on that.

06. August. 2000
I am drawing a model.


30. July. 2000
I am drawing a motif.
I took in a motif with Photoshop, And it disposed of it with the filter.
Draw rough shape.
Hair and a shirt were animated with Modeling Paste.
23. July. 2000
I put gold foil with Gell Medium.
This is the left part of the panel.
I painted Cadmium Red Light to the slender part.
23. July. 2000
Stencil paper can be cut with gold leaf given.
A small piece of the gold leaf is made easily, too.
Like the work of "KLIMT".
23. July. 2000
Gold leaf is thin, and it is difficult.
It is convenient when stencil paper used.
23. July. 2000
Paint Red Oxide.
Print the edition made by "print gokko".
Print it by the color which is the same as the color of the ground work.

22. July. 2000
I put a panel together, And I will draw a motif next time.

09. July. 2000
Furthermore, mix Permanent Light Blue to Turquise Green, and paint it.
Dryness on the surface, and wiped out.
In bronze style work to finished.
Does it seem to be bronze?
09. July. 2000
Wait for dryness, and paint Color Geso Bronze.
09. July. 2000
Paint it Color Geso Gold , if the paste dries completely.

02. July. 2000
Spread paste again with paintingknife.
The last trowel painting is becomes a homogeneous feeling.
It is being painted with paintingknife so that a feeling of bronze quality.

Everything is ready for painting.
I mix Gel Medium, Modeling Paste, and Color Gesso Gold to make Paste. And I spread this paste on the panel.

I grind down into powder the Shell Matiere.

Cut a small hall in
a hollow panel, and I pasted the Japanese Kimono's piece of cloth in this panel all around.

Combine a hollow panel with another panel. This another panel measures 1.30 meters by 1.30 meters.
I painted the panels Black Gesso, and the other side too.
Background Music? Nothing to say "PAINT IT, BLACK" by The Rolling Stones.
I pasted gauze in the center panel, and painted White Gwsso.

I made a panel to paint a picture. It measures 1.62 meters by 1.94 meters.
The panel is hollow, because I set another panel in this panel.
I glued sina-plywood by adhesive, and steady the panel with weight.

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