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I finished this work.
Thank you for seeing my work.
Back ground music :100 Jahre Deutsche Grammophon: 1950 PERIOD/CONDUCTORS POCG-90087.
Experiencing the musical integrity of Deutsche Grammophon." Left things, and isn't left things." I was thinking about it.

I put the cloth of the kimono.

I gradated the part of the flower.
It is an upper part.
I drew a flower in the right part.

I begin to draw it again.
Repeat it many times.
Back ground music : YOUSUI INOUE/Sentimental. POCH-1023
The tune of the very realistic poetry, and
it is very good in this season.

After polished.
I am polishing it by the paper file #400.
I am drawing a flower by using Makie paintbrush.
I want to finish it as the picture of LINPA.

Back ground music :Bob Marley "LIVELY UP YOURSELF" TECP-25825


Let's wait for the dryness, and wipe it out.

Back ground music :" LIFE" Takuro Yoshida. FLCF-3632.
His two CD set best albums.
When summer comes, I want to listen to this CD.
I was enraptured with the songs,

"The sun sets." "It is fine." "The song of Yoshida-cho." "Former teacher." I listened to the "former teacher's" tune, and began to think of the teacher who taught me the fine arts in the high school.


I painted it again to the part of the connection with a "Sumisashi".
Mars blak.
I painted it to the part of the edge with the brush.

Burnt umber+Row siena.
I painted it to the white part.

I am applying this mixed material.
Like the plaster wall of the "kura
You can listen to "Song Of The Bird/Tribute to Pablo Casals" by this CD.

I masking in the panel, and paint Gel Medium.
I mixed Gel Medium with Modeling Paste.


It is such feeling.
I make two little panels.

Tear off the gum tape.
Like the white wall which partly came off.
Back ground music : GUSTAV LEONHARDT EDITION -BACH CONCERTO BWV 1044 HARPSICHORD CONCERTOS BWV 1053-1065 . I found the CD box with 21 CD of LEONHARDT yesterday in the CD store.


Paint mix Gesso with the Hanagofun powder if that paste dries.

Spread paste on panel again.
I am using the trowel of Japanese carpenter using preferably.

Use the gum tape made of cloth.

It becomes such feeling.
You can see from the outside : the lining cloth of the canvas, masking tape, yellow's modeling past, and a green panel.
Back ground music : GONTITI "GUITARS" POCA-0152
This CD is good when it listens in the morning of the refreshing season. Be so much the better if it is the holiday morning.

Apply a mixed paste-shaped material.
Make it flat with the hand roller.
I am putting masking tape,and painting a GEL MEDIUM.
Mix material, and make it paste-shaped.
Adjust hardness of this paste using by GEASSO+MODELIG PAST.

Material to use this time;

Hold it with the roller .
Back ground music : K.ODA "LOOKING BACK 2" (FHCL-2018)
I think Oda Kazumasa to be the poet of sincerity.
Apply a bond to the last black part.
Cut canvas into the width 10cm.
Black Gesso to the panel for the protection.
This picture measures 160 by 160 centimeters.
So fae, so good.

Back ground music : Heallng Beatles S.D.R..Ensemble (SDHL-1002).
I made a panel stick to the square lumber with the bond.
Hold it in the block.
Confirm size, and you cut a panel.
A temporary stop does a cut panel with SUTAN GAN.
Because, it is likely to have a bad influence on the picture later.
It's still not quite right. Let's start from the beginning.
I want to enlarge the size of this picture more.
Prepare material. Plywood, square timber, a bond for the woodwork.
I painted Cromium Oxide Green further.
I am polishing it with abrasive paper #320.
I polished it until BLACK could be seen.
I made super flat panel.

Back ground music : RADIOHEAD/KID A (TOCP-65777).

I am polishing it with abrasive paper #320. This work recommends what is done outdoors.

I painted Raw Siena 4-5 times to the length and breadth.
I dry it for about one week.

Back ground music :Paul Simon/You're The One(WPCR-10809)  
I dry BLACK painting one week.
The pitfall of the acrylic colors. Dry fully when you make flat surface and draw it on that. It is likely to come off later.

Back ground music :THE BEATLES / 1 (TOCP-65600).
I painted CARBON BLACK after the ground painting was completed.
I will make super flat work.
I am polishing it by the paper file #240.
The ground painting with the warmth is completed.
Back ground music: Gilbert Osullivan /Original Collection1971-1977 (KTCM9001-9004)
Paint the mixed liquid made before.
Repeat painting with the brush.
Paint it 5-6 times with seeing dryness condition.

I painted Black Gesso.
Paint it the reverse side too.
Back ground music is "The Fool On The Hill" (POCG-1919) Goran Sollscer, Guitar

I think, this music matches in autumn.

It is being polished by the paper file #240.

Back ground music is U2. "ALL THAT YOU CAN'T LEAVE BEHIND" (UICI-1002)
I made a deformation panel.
Size is the square of 130cm.
Mix Gesso with the Hanagofun powder.
Quantity is Gesso 1l toward powder 500g.
15, Oct, 2000
Put water and "Hanagofun" powdered 500g in the washbowl, and mix it up.
Leave it as it is for one night.

Note : This ground painting material is for the acrylic colors.Don't use it for the oil painting.
15, Oct, 2000
Begin with the way of making the ground painting material this time. I am using this method. Prepare for "Hanagofun" powder and a washbowl.
You can buy "Hanagofun" powder in material store for the Japanese painting.

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