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公開制作 11/09/19 Mon
公開制作 11/09/18 Sun
公開制作 11/08/21 Sun
公開制作中 I am drawing the part of the face with a thin line on that again.
公開制作中 I drew the part of the face with a thin line.
公開制作 11/08/07 Sun
公開制作中 11/03/06
The preparation to draw a picture with this was completed. I think about the motif which is suitable for this ground work.
I think that a rough sketch will be made by Potoshop.
公開制作中 I wiped it with wet cloth.
公開制作 I painted green.
公開制作 I painted the color of violet.
公開制作 11/02/27
I painted Black to the panel.
"Paint it to Black." was Rolling Stones.
公開制作 I am painting Black.
公開制作 I am making texture at that time.
公開制作 I am painting gesso + modeling paste again.
公開制作 I am polishing it with sandpaper.
公開制作 I am painting gesso + modeling paste.
公開制作 11/02/20
I put KANREISHA on the panel.

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