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公開制作 11/07/31 Sunday
I finished drawing this picture.
公開制作 I finished drawing this picture.
公開制作 I am putting a silver leaf on the picture.
公開制作 11/07/24 Sunday
I painted Brown to the part of the wing of this picture.
公開制作 I put thin papers in the part of the wing of this picture.
I am Time necessity more until I finish this picture.
公開制作中 11/07/18 Monday
I painted a white color with a big brush.
公開制作中 I put the charcoal paper dyed with tea.
公開制作中 I adjusted the contrast of this picture.
公開制作中 11/07/10 Sunday
公開制作 11/07/03 Sun
I am drawing a picture in the Single Thin Line.
公開制作 It is being drawn with White except for the eye and the hair.
公開制作 11/06/26 Sun
I am described due to the Single Thin Line.
公開制作 This is another version.
公開制作 11/06/19 Sun
It becomes the expression is equal to importance of the face by my picture.
The expression of the face of the picture always worries itself.
公開制作中 11/06/05
These are the charcoal paper which tea was painted on, and the charcoal paper which isn't painted.
I try to provide the color of an old feeling this time.
公開制作中 I painted the liquid of tea to the charcoal paper.
公開制作中 Take time fully, and it is my policy to complete a work.
公開制作中 11/05/29
I wipe out the colors which protruded with covered cloth.
公開制作中 Thin colors with a large brush.
公開制作中 I begin to draw the whole to be the same.
公開制作中 I am extending white with a brush.
公開制作中 I am painting white thinly.
公開制作中 I began to draw a motif.
公開制作中 I painted white, Brown on black.
公開制作 11/05/22
I began to draw the work of 1 63cm ×1 62cm size.

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