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Title :
Lennon Frise
Size : 227cm×181cm
I've completed my work with a lot of difficult.
I sent my lates work to the Miyagi-niki exhbition.
This exhibition is held at Sendai medhia take from August 16.

Details adjustment
Details adjustment
I must finish this picture within rear 3.

The law of the quick work -4.
There is no king way in the art.
Let's draw it with listening to the liked tune.
It could be done like this.
I drew a part of the hand.
I drew the flower of the name of Ono Yoko.

I drew monument of John Lenno.

Back ground music JOHN LENNON / IMAGINE -TOCP65522.


Sory, I have my hands full now.
I omit the commentary of the photograph.anataha.
You can ask me a question by e-mail or BBS.

(11.08.2002 Supplement)
The law of the quick work -3.
See and draw a photograph.
Use a roller and a KARASUGUCHI.

I keep drawing it.
The part of the bottom was about to hang down water.
Hang down water after you paint colors.
I am putting maskuing・ tape.
I begin to draw it referring to the photograph.
I am painting Gel medium partial of the concrete style.
Dissolve colors thickly when you write a line in the KARASUGUCHI.
I write a thin line in the KARASUGUCHI.
I am using a roller to take out an asphaltic feeling.
Put a gold leaf, and color in the center.
Paint black on that.
Color on that.
I am painting crystal gel.

This photograph is the motif of the picture.

Back ground music
JOHN LENNON / IMAGINE Music from the original motion picture: CP36-5690.

Paint it with the trowel.
The law of the quick work -2.
I do the ground painting by some coloring.
Use a trowel. It is better than the Painting knife

I made matiere of the concrete style. It was used Gel medium, Modeling paste light, Shell matiere,Colored gesso unbleached titanium, Color gesso terre verte, Color gesso black.
A mask does the part of the core.
I painted orange color to the hard board.

Back ground music The Beatles /ANTHOLOGY-2 :TOCP-8703〜04

I painted gesso to the hard board of181cm × 181cm.
The law of the quick work -1.
Make a unit-type work: You can work at the same time.
Use the early colors of dryness: Acrylic colors are the most suitable for it.

I am making a hard board.
This size is 181cm× 272cm.
Back ground music The Beatles /1967-1970 : TOCP-8012-13

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